Monday, March 29, 2010


I've seen a lot of mini discussions on Facebook regarding "Lost" so I thought it'd be cool to make a thread for it on FIFO...

It's the Final Season!

Discuss Below!



  1. Thoughts on this season or the series as a whole? Predictions for the finale?

    I would like to say that last week's Richard-centric episode was amazing!

  2. I love the last season for the most part.

    my prediction on how its going to end is that the flash sideways is actually a flash forwards to after the end when MIB 'wins' and gets off the island, and slowly over the flash sideways they come to remember their past life and battle MIB and then jacolb gives each of them the choice between their MIB flash sideways life and their old Jacob life.

  3. I have been slightly disappointed with the final season as a whole. I understand that there still was a bit of new information to be brought up, but honestly the amount of new ideas has been too much.

    Erik and I have been watching a good bit of the season together, and it seemed like we always had the same reaction: "I don't understand what is going on". This was super fun for the first episode, because it introduced the "sideways" jumps and stuff like that, but it gets old after about 3-4 episodes of having no idea of what you are looking at.

    I do have to agree with John about the last episode. Richard is way cool now, and I am excited about where the season is finally going. I feel like things are wrapping up, and doing so in a not annoying or corny way. (I loved the wine bottle analogy)

    So to sum up my Lost feelings quickly... Seasons 1-2: One of the best things ever on TV; Seasons 3-4: Please don't get discouraged, the writers had to stretch these and they suck; Seasons 5-6: The second coming of Lost, but let's hope they don't screw up the end.

    Seriously, they better not screw up the ending...

  4. i very strongly disagree with you Peter... first off... Season 2 (and the first 7 episodes of Season 3) were the weakest Lost ever was...

    Seasons 2 and 3 were the seasons they had to strecth... you can see a dynamic shift between Episode 3.6 and Episode 3.8/9... this was when the decision was made for the remainder of the series...

    I definitely think all the stuff with Widmore/Desmond/Ben/The Freighter/Locke etc was really good in Season 4... plus the FLashForwards and all that... I found all the Dharma Initiative stuff last season more boring than the stuff in Season 3 leading up to the Freighter. (like Locke blowing up the Flame Station and the Submarine, Killing Naomi, Getting Shot by Ben! The Other's trying to kill everyone and Charlie's stuff!)

    Secondly... are we watching the same show??? When you were watching the other seasons... you knew what was going on!?!?!?!?! You must be a genius b/c most of us other people have been fucking confused from the get go. When they were doing the Flash-forwards+Time Travel you could keep up with that but the ALT-Universe is too confusing?

    The key component to Lost's success (besides Great Characters) is the "confuse the shit out of the audience and then bitch slap them with a reveal/answer/other question". I am CERTAIN the ALT Universe stuff plays a significant role in the ending of the show... otherwise why would it be there?

    Everything that has happened with Lost since Season 3 has had a purpose and I don't think they're gonna waste half their final season on insignificant flash-sideways...

    Plus... the Flash-sideways are showing the same characters if they'd never been touched by Jacob... since the whole candidate thing is in full swing... I think the idea of the flash-sideways is to show us that the personalities/issues they have (or the different choices they make for the better) are a visualization of what Jacob's been trying to prove to Smokey/MIB/Flocke.

    And about the "new ideas"... we are getting down to the fundamental aspects of the story... the "why" of it all. These ideas of "good vs. evil" and "science vs. faith" have been in the show since the beginning and we always knew there was something special/wrong about the island and that fate/destiny/God-like intervention was working through it all and now we're simply getting clarification on all this and a focusing of the ideals and principles of the show. I don't think it is too much... I think it's getting clearer.

  5. i would also like to add... 'Son of a bitch!'

  6. Holy shit. Did anyone else notice how fucking creepy Sayid was last night in the water. I would not want to mess with him.

  7. hell no! i think his soul is gone... and it looks like the flash-sideways Sayid had lost it as well after his little murder spree... I hope there is some redemption for him eventually.

    Also, POOR DESMOND! Let the poor guy be happy with his wife and kid! I'm sure this has to do with Desmond's ability to remain unstuck in time since finding his constant... I wonder what Widmore plans to do? Turn the frozen donkey wheel and send Desmond back to help Jacob or kill MIB? It'll be interesting to see how Widmore plays out in all this... if he wants to stop Smokey then he might be on the good side... but I'm sure he still wants to get Ben.

    I also think that SmokeyFlockeMIB needs all the candidates to do something so he can get off the island... and I'm sure when he's done he's gonna kill everyone.

  8. I think that he needs to get all of the candidates together so he can kill all of them so he can get of the island. In last weeks episode jacob said something like their will be others to MIB when MIB said he was going to find a way to kill jacob. And then MIB said then i'll kill them too.

    I think that each one of the candidates is another potential cork and for MIB to do whatever it is that MIB wants to do he needs to get rid of every single cork.

  9. well he has a reason for not killing them yet. If he just had to get rid of each of the "corks" then he could've just murdered Jin, Sun, Sawyer, Sayid etc... but for some reason he needs all these people on his "Team" for some odd reason. I think he has restrictions we don't yet know about and that he has something sinister that he needs everyone for.

    also I heard...

    ****MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!********

    there are nine major deaths this season********

    ***END SPOILERS***

    So i'm sure it all culminates to something bad...

  10. also... I'm almost positive that Desmond is the "key" to the significance of the ALT universe...

  11. me 2 dude especially since Widmore said he was searching for pockets of electromagnetism. I think he is going to be the one to bring the two timelines together somehow.

    And man... 9 deaths. Thats mind-blowing.

  12. note: when they say major deaths I think people like Lapidus, Widmore, Illana etc count as well...


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