Sunday, March 14, 2010

Up in the Air

One of my Top 5 films of 2009!

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  1. nice to see a character driven movie for once just seems like its been awhile

  2. I actually just got done watching this movie for the second time. It's interesting to see a movie take a massive turn in direction from what you (or at least I) expect. I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it yet... all I'm saying is - be prepared. It's very charming and is filled with funny, warm moments, but by the time the message of the movie is delivered, you're left with a little heartache. It's not as "warm" as it seems haha

    From a film-making aspect, this movie did surprise me a little. I kinda felt like i was getting tired of George Clooney, but that quickly changed. I don't know what it is about him - he just seems to have an effortless way of acting that just seems to work well with every role he picks. He also seems to always get stuck with a very well written script. I loved the relationship between him and Anna Kendrick. They took something that could have just been typical and made it fun and interesting. She really surprised me - I don't think I could picture another actress playing her role. I def agree that this is a character driven movie. That's really all it's about - the relationships that existent (or don't existent) between the characters.

    Overall, this is a great movie. It's geared toward a mainstream audience I guess... but still has an independent and original feel. I'm a little surprised that this didn't get more attention at the Oscars. If you haven't seen it, you should!

    Oh and make sure you take in the last line - it's a great one to end the movie.

  3. I felt this film was near perfect. The heart, emotional honesty, sly wit, and great dialogue really just gelled for me. I've heard people compare George Clooney to Clark Gable and I agree wholeheartedly. He has a charm and charisma that always seems to seep through no matter what film he's in.

    I agree with Jeremy about Anna Kendrick also... I was surprised with her had a lot more soul and humor than I expected from a newcomer. Also, Vera Farminga seems to get better in every movie I see her in. The casting of Zach Galifanakis, J.K. Simmons and a bunch of recently laid off non-actors gives the supporting cast a nice bit of added weight to the firings...

    Eric Steelberg has quickly become one of my favorite young cinematographers, between his work in this and "(500) Days of Summer". His lighting is simultaneously naturalistic and stunning and the movement of the camera really captured Bingham's life and perspective.

    I was rather upset that "Up in the Air" did not win "Best Adapted Screenplay" at the Academy Awards this year. It is sharp, moving and funny... and I feel a lot of it comes from Jason Reitman's script.

    I put this in my top 5 films of 2009 and it'd probably make my top of all time list if I every make such a

  4. Pretty tough to follow up what Jeremy and John said, cause I agree completely. Everything about this movie screams awesome to me. The performances, the cinematography, the extremely well written script...everything just works.

    It totally feels like a small independent film, made for the mainstream audiences. It's got this screaming sense of charm to it that pierces every frame. I have so much respect for Jason Reitman and Eric Steelberg for putting together such a perfectly crafted, beautiful, and artistic film with such a overwhelmingly perfect balance in each of its parts.

    Again, if you haven't seen "Up in the Air," make the will love it!

  5. John have you seen Precious? It's screenplay is def no walk in the park haha very well done. Although I am torn - I can't decide if that, District 9, or Up in the Air should have won. Obviously, the Academy felt Precious was the better screenplay. I can't blame them, but at the same time, I just don't know haha

  6. I have seen "Precious"... and I acknowledge the script as "difficult" but I feel that "Up in the Air" required much more nuanced and delicate writing... it had to straddle the line between poignant and humorous... which is more difficult in my opinion to execute...

  7. Yea that is very true. To me, "Precious" just did a good job of taking what could have been just an ordinary "poor black girl story" and made it something creative and a little more original. Maybe that should be more accredited to the director than the screenplay writer though. I do agree with what you said about "Up in the Air." That movie def has one of the best scripts I've seen in a movie in awhile.

    On another note: how the hell did Bullock beat Gabourey Sidibe for best actress? That is just insane haha. Sidibe was literally in every scene of the film. She carried the whole movie outstandingly - especially for a person with no previous acting experience. What did Bullock do? Talk in a southern accent? Not to mention she also won a razzie for WORST actress for "All About Steve." haha yeaa.. it just blows my mind. I had to vent.

  8. yeah, I'm not knocking the quality of the "Precious" script... but I do think that UITA was a better written film.


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