Monday, April 5, 2010


I wanted to write up a discussion that is a little different than the current new stuff that has been coming out. I want to discuss films that are very close to you. Something that has affected you a little more than most.

The first on my list is "Dragonheart." Discussion below.


  1. "Dragonheart" has a very special place in the list of movies that have had an effect on me. Its strength doesn't come in its comes in its story. A wholehearted tale of betrayal, love, and the imperatives of following the heart. A movie that probably shouldn't take itself seriously, but in the end hits a great and deep place, reaffirming what it truly means to understand someone who isn't "like" you.

    I love every bit of this movie. I saw it when I was pretty young, and was one of the first movies to have a true emotional impact on me. It was the movie that showed me what filmmakers can do. The CGI is top of the line, giving even Jurassic Park a run for its money. The actors are great, with especially great performances from David Thewlis and Sean Connery (Voice of Draco).

    The movie reminds of a time when movies were meant to be fun and original. It is, and may always be, my favorite movie of all time. Its affect on me when I was young is something I will never forget, and it is the movie that had a strong impact on my path to becoming a filmmaker.

    I would love to hear everyone else's thoughts. Do it up!

  2. Me and a childhood friend of mine growing up DJ, LOVED this movie. We most have watched it 1000 times, literately ever time we hung out.

    Dragonheart came out in 1996, and the CGI was amazing for its time. Definitely rivaled Jurasic Park(1993) and im my opinion having watched it on TV a few days ago better in areas then The Lost World(1997). Im gonna go ahead and say its favorite Dennis Quade movie, although GI Joe Rise of Cobra was pretty good...jk.

    All in all, i agree with Dan, Dragonheart is shit.

  3. I remember when I watched this movie for the first time. I'm not sure excatly how old I was, but what I do remember is looking around the room after it was over. My dad even looked like he might cry a little bit. It truly is a great piece of story telling. I have always enjoyed this film, and I need to revisit it asap.


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