Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Zone

The newest film from Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon.

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  1. Dan, Kyle and I saw this film today and really enjoyed it.

    It's the story of U.S. Army CWO Roy Miller who attempts to uncover the truth behind the U.S. involvement in Iraq and government's source for intel about WMD.

    It is shot in the usual "Bourne-Shakycam" style that Greengrass has been known for and I think it is even more effective in this film. It was shot by Barry Ackroyd BSC, the cinematographer who did "The Hurt Locker". It had a very distinct look... the film was shot using a lot of available light with the film stock pushed 2-3 stops in some instances. This caused an extreme amount of grain and the "shakycam" was cranked up to 10. I was afraid it would be distracting or even headache-inducing... but I thought it actually ratcheted up the tension in a lot of scenes...

    Matt Damon was excellent and convincing as always... and the supporting cast: Brendan Gleason, Khalid Abdalla, Amy Ryan, Greg Kinnear and Jason Issacs were all top-notch.

    Greengrass and Damon set out to make a film as action packed and thrilling as a "Bourne" without the Jason Bourne character and they succeeded.


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