Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Indiana Jones and the "Last Crusade"



  1. I love "Last Crusade"! I think the comedic timing and chemistry between Sean Connery and Harrison Ford was the main driving factor that makes this film so enjoyable.

    I actually think that the story of "Crusade" is a little weaker than "Raiders" (my fav of the 3... what they made a 4th?... nope... doesn't exist) and it's the actor's chemistry that carry the film through it's thematic soft spots and make it work. Indy is best when he has a strong foil, someone to essentially give him shit... and who better to out do Marion Ravenwood than Indy's Dad...

    I think that after "Temple of Doom" the series needed to go back to what made the first one fun and lighthearted. It worked really well and I thought it was a great send off to the series... because it was the last one they made... ever... ;D

  2. I would agree that Raiders is still the best of the 3 films, but Crusade is well ahead of Temple of Doom on my viewing list. This film has all of the things that make Indiana Jones a fun ride, with out much to ruin your experience. I'm glad the series went out like this, and didn't get rebooted in 2009.


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