Friday, March 26, 2010

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

Yes. I'm doing it. This is not one to be ignored. I know it may be difficult but it's presence and impact in undeniable.


  1. Well, what a way to start off my first post. First off, Hi everyone. My name is Anita, I'm 21 and a Full Sail Graduate (everyone else: Hi Anita) Ok now that we have the rehab group stuff out of the way...

    I told John I would post about Precious. He asked me "How can you say that you 'liked' a movie like Precious?" Liked, enjoyed, entertained might not be the best words to describe this movie. Mind-blowing, life changing, disturbing, powerful, eye-opening. These would be more along the lines of the right way to describe this movie. In my opinion, a movie that everyone of the right age group should watch, with proper warning. From what I understand, John wasn't given the proper warning and didn't quite know what to expect. I kept hearing from people who saw it in theaters that they heard grown men sobbing in the seats. If that's not some indication of what you're in for then all I have to say is brace yourself. It's one of those gritty movies that shouldn't have to be made. But in my opinion, stories have to come from somewhere, even if completely fiction, and this is one of those stories you would wish wouldn't have ever been true, but you know is sadly possible.

    It's hard to sit down and watch a downer when you know it is one, but it's just one of those things. It's one of those movies that forces you to find the good in it and even in your everyday life.

    From a acting and technical standpoint, the acting is on point. It's hard to imagine that they didn't find Gabourey Sidibe from a high class acting school for the award nominated performance that she puts on. Mo'Nique deserved every bit of her Oscar winning night. From the first moment you loose every memory of her from past films and you see her as the mother she is. From lighting to editing, everything radiates the gritty texture and theme of the film. The film is well cast, well portrayed and well put together.

    Must see.

  2. I actually thought this was just gonna be... "another one of those movies" haha but it def surprised me. The director (Lee Daniels) did a few things that kind of separated this movie from others. I looved the little flashbacks/dreams she had throughout the movie - it just added such an interesting perspective on things. I was mad that this movie won Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars, but that was before I watched it. Ive never read the book, but the screenplay is def something not to be ignored. Aside from the amazing acting jobs, I think the screenplay was a big reason this movie carried so well from start to finish - it just kept your attention. I AM SO MAD that Bullock beat Gabourey Sidibe for best actress. That's probably the most ridiculous decision ever haha. Just unreal to me.

    But yea :) def a great movie.

  3. I am tired and will post a full reply later... but just for the record... "Precious" is an amazing film... and I think everyone should see it. Just wanted to clarify... I didn't want anyone inferring from Anita's post that I didn't like the

    Don't want to wake up to a FiFo Flame-War! ;)

  4. Jeremy I have to agree with you about Bullock but I haven't seen the blind side. I have to wonder if it was one of those "you've been working for a while so we'll give you one" awards. And now all this silly her husband's cheating on her controversy. ugh. Any publicity is good publicity.

  5. I didn't see Blind Side either, but I'm pretty sure all she did was talk in an southern accent haha (I saw bits and pieces). And yea you're probably right about her winning only because it's been too long for her to not win. It sounds mean, but I don't think she deserved it all. Look at all the crap movies she's done before. And on top of that she won a Razzie for worst actress for All About Steven. How do you turn around from that and give her an Oscar? Sidibe has never even acting in a movie before - she had zero experience and look at how well she did. Yea.. I could rant about this forever haha. Oh well I guess..


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